Current time, date, and five-day weather forecast, of any city in the world,
in real-time, anytime.


What WeatherPlus can do for you

Have you ever wished for an all-in-one tool that consolidates your local time, weather, and temperature in one easy and convenient view? Well, look no further, because WeatherPlus is here! The real benefit of WeatherPlus is that you can view all your information in real-time while you are currently working on your existing browser tabs.

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Choose any global city

WeatherPlus maintains a database of thousands of cities in the world, for you to reference in real-time when you wish. Now you’re not only locally, but globally, in the know!

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Local five-day weather forecast, in Celsius or Fahrenheit

For those travelers, WeatherPlus accurate weather forecast for any city in the world is your immediate companion. It let you know the weather not only in your local area, but also anywhere in the world you may be traveling to, or simply curious.

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Local time and date

Curious about the time of any city in the world? WeatherPlus’s unique algorithm automatically tabulates the current time of any city in the world, that you would like to know.

How does WeatherPlus Work

Ability to change the location, easily.

Ability to change the hours display format.

Ability to hide and show the seconds display.

Ability to change the temperature units.

Ability to change the theme.

It's Free to Get Started. Yes, Really Free.

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A Few Words About Us

WeatherPlus is the ultimate, all in one and simple to use application. Check local timezones, as well as five-day weather forecast, for any global city in the US, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the world. Change your view to suit your preference, including standard white and new “midnight” color theme. Not using the metric system for temperature? You can easily toggle back to Fahrenheit at any time. With a conveniently placed search box, you can search for anything online at your fingertips.

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